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Old 12-12-2007, 04:14 PM
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Default LMS version information

- Version for ESCAPE 1 study.

V1.3.1524 (23rd July 2009) to V1.3.1591 (20th April 2010):
- OCS: These versions have serious problems with both looping and patient pain. Please update to a later version asap.

- OCS: Fixed the looping behaviour problem which was introduced 21st July 2009.
- LMS and OCS: Added compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (preferably with DirectX 11 installed, and a Direct3D 11 graphics card installed).

- LMS: Fixed issues relating to which child controls of control "LMSCourseItem" are displayed, enabled and validated.
- LMS: Fixed LMSCourseItemInfo help control name.
- LMS: Fixed frmSelectItem dialog item filtering issues that were causing some available items to not be included in the displayed list.
- LMS: Fixed naming problem with I4033 PT message that was causing error messages with the ESCAPE 1 TPKs.

- OCS: Added a scroll bar to ColonoscopyTaskConfigurator when there are too many task configuration parameters to fit in the available screen space.
- OCS: Fixed form autolayout issues with forms that have two columns (e.g. ColonoscopyTaskRecordingEditor, EndoscopeDesigner and EndoscopeAccessoryDesigner).

- LMS: Added "E4069: No results exist for this course item." error message to PT.

- LMS and OCS: Added support for Windows 7 64 bit.
- LMS: Fixed an error when displaying the colonoscopy animator in a training note.
- LMS: Fixed an error when displaying a task result that does not have a task variant (e.g. after running PolypExorcise).

- LMS: Added support for randomly selected task variants. This can be used to give the trainee an assortment of task variants to complete until they achieve a given level of consistency (e.g. 5 passes in a row).

- Fixed hiding of the "Olympus LMS Data" icon on "Welcome" screen on 64 bit Windows.

- OCS 2010: Fixed the requirement for the DirectX 11 SDK to be installed.

- LMS: Added wide screen monitor support to the content explorer on the main screen.
- LMS: Fixed the problem of the main screen task completion information being based on task results from all user groups, rather than just the current user group.

- PolypExorcise: Attempt to fix intermittent errors during game initialization.

- PolypExorcise: Attempt to fix memory error after the high score name is entered.

- Fixed playback of task recordings stopping at 00:02:08.
- Fixed loading of task recordings that have a final frame with the same frame time as the previous frame.
- Fixed saving of task recordings to ensure that the final frame is not saved if it has the same frame time as the previous frame.

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