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Default Creating a video of a simulation task

To create a video of a simulation task, do the following:

1) Click "Main Screen" at the top of the screen.

2) Run and complete the required simulation task. (For test purposes just move the endoscope for a few seconds and then end the task using "Menu -> End task").

3) The result screen should be displayed. Click 'Copy' at the bottom left of the screen to copy the recording to 'My recordings', then click "Close" to close the results screen.

4) Click "My recordings" in "Content" and select your recording.

5) Click "Edit".

6) Select "Colonoscopy task recording converter 2006" and click "OK".

7) Leaving the default options (e.g. 15 fps, and "Host" target), click "Go" on the converter.

8) Wait for the conversion to complete, then close the converter using the cross at the top right.

9) Click "My videos" in "Content" and select your video.

10) Click "Play" to check that the video works as expected.

11) Click "Export to file" to export the file to a USB key etc.

Note that the video is in wmv format as this was found to work best with the type of screen content produced by the simulator. It may not be compatible with all systems.
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