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Default EndoView V4.5 and assorted imager files

EndoView V4.5 is available for download. EndoView is a viewer program which allows recordings of endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy to be viewed. It is included here because it is relevant for the creation of training material for the Olympus colonoscopy simulator.

During the procedure, the configuration of the endoscope is determined in 3D using a combination of magnetic fields, specially created algorithms and advanced signal processing. Images of the endoscope are displayed to the endoscopist during the procedure to help intubate and locate the endoscope, and these images may also be saved to a *.img file which may be viewed using EndoView. An assortment of *.img files, obtained during routine colonoscopy, are also available.

The imaging system was developed by John Bladen of JSB Medical Systems for Dr Duncan Bell of Ipswich Hospital, UK in 1990-1995. Olympus are now marketing an endoscope imaging system called ScopeGuide. Please contact Olympus for further details.

To install the software, download "EndoView V4.5.zip" from http://www.colonoscopy-simulator.com...oads/EndoView/ and run the embedded installer file "EndoView V4.5.msi". Then download the assorted imager files and unzip them to a convenient folder. Click "Start\Programs\JSB Medical Systems\EndoView V4.5" then click "File\Open imager file" and select a *.img file from the folder where the imager files were saved. Click and drag on the graph at the bottom of the application to display the endoscope configuration during the procedure.

EndoView V4.5 is intended for use with Windows 98™, Windows 2000™, Windows XP™, Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™. DirectX 6 is required. See http://www.microsoft.com/directx/ for the latest "DirectX End-User Runtime".

Please contact me on admin@colonoscopy-simulator.com with any installation, compatibility or other issues.

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