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Default Importing training packages into user groups

If the training packages used by a user group are external to the user group, then they must be present for trainees to be able to use the user group, and for the user group results to be viewed.

In other words, if the required external training packages are not present, then the user group may not be used by trainees, and the user group results may not be viewed.

Also, if the external training packages are inadvertently changed after the user group is created, or after the trainees have started their courses, then the subsequent training and results viewing may be affected.

To avoid these risks, it is often a good idea to import the training packages required by the courses in the user group, into the user group before adding the courses to the user group.

This also has the advantage that all aspects of the user group are contained in a single entity, which is convenient when creating backups of the user group, and exporting the user group to other machines.

Note: If there are multiple user groups involved in the study (e.g. at different sites) then it may be best to use external training packages during the study and then, after the study is completed, merge the user groups into a single user group and import the required external training material into that user group.

To import training packages into a user group:

1) Logon as a trainer.
2) Click "Training Admin" on the top menu.
3) Click "User Groups" on the left menu.
4) Select the user group.
5) Click the "Training packages" button.
6) Click the "Import" button.
7) Select the required training package or packages. To select more than one item use a combination of the Ctrl and Shift keys when clicking the items.
9) Click the "OK" button.
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