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JSB 28-11-2007 12:57 PM

"Colonoscopy animator" is available for download. It includes animation tools that allow the creation and display of animated colons and endoscopes that are useful for conveying concepts about endoscope intubation in a uniquely interactive and effective way. These tools form an important part of the Olympus colonoscopy simulator. The editor is an advanced tool and is included here mainly for interest as help documents are not currently available.

Download and install the software from http://www.colonoscopy-simulator.com...py%20animator/. Then click 'Start\Program\JSB Medical Systems\Interactive colonoscopy animation editor", click "File\Open" and open the file "Negotiating the sigmoid descending junction.ica" which can be found in "<SystemDrive>:\Program Files\JSB Medical Systems\Colonoscopy animator".

The editor and viewer are intended for use with Windows XP™, Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™. Please report any installation or other issues to admin@colonoscopy-simulator.com.

Please note that you must have a recent version of DirectX 9 installed. If you get a message such as "Failed to start because d3dx9_29.dll was not found" then please update your installation of DirectX. See http://www.microsoft.com/directx/ for the latest "DirectX End-User Runtime".

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